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Station road in dire straits

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IMG 2395Roads are meant for easy traffic commuting and most people prefer a inside road than a main road to avoid heavy traffic.

Take the example of the Station road which connects the Gogte Circle to Amba Bhavan.

The said road was not in use and was blocked by the Railways as the work on the station up-gradation was going on. Even now the work is on, but when the road was made open it was in dire straits. The Cantonment as usual never looks at the convenience of the common man.

The said road next to the Station is a short cut for many who want to go towards Gogte circle coming from Amba Bhavan.IMG 2394

The Head Post office is also on the same road and hence heavy traffic is always there, but by looking at the pictures one can grok the condition of the road.

Huge pot holes are on the entire stretch with mud, and if someone falls by slipping over, he has no other option but say “Daag Acche hain”.

The Cantonment should atleast patch up this road for the time being and then repair the same after the monsoons.


7 thoughts on “Station road in dire straits”

  1. Wow Belgaum –

    though my home – I have been out of BGM an citizen of Delhi for life nearly.

    I visit BGM yearly at least a couple times and misery of roads continues to dog BGM since at least last 35-40 years .
    Hardly any work on roads and city has become so crowded and remained without any infrastructural progress

    SAD once beautiful BGM – remains only partially beautiful now. CITIZENS must unite and fight the corporation !


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