Crocodile rescued by nature lovers


A crocodile was spotted by a farm worker on Friday evening at a farm in Kurni village on Yamkanmardi-Hukkeri road.

People had gathered at the spot when a member of the “Explore the Outdoor”, Gokak contacted group leader Ayub khan in Belgaum, who rushed to the spot and rescued the over 9 feet crocodile. ayub
The members of the rescue team include Musa Sarkawaz, Mazid Shaikh and Prashant Dongare.He said that the crocodile, a female weighing around 200 kg, was handed over to the mini-zoo at Bhutaramanahatti on Belgaum-Yamkanmardi road. He said that the predator must have come out of its habitat, a rivulet or the Hidkal dam, in search of food and took shelter on the farm.

Also, on Saturday, Mr. Khan and his team rescued a 13-feet-long python from a spot near Riddhi Siddhi Gluco plant on Gokak-Falls road and released it into the thick of the forest, 13 km away from Gokak town.

Source: The Hindu



  1. I want all animal lovers to come together to help the animals and save their lifes….they need us..they want protection….

  2. Hey guys…I am from Nanawadi ..there is this small puppy 6months old ….it’s a street female puppy…one of the owners servant bought her…and now it’s seems they have problem with it…they want to leave the pup somewhere in jungle…I am worried…he won’t make it….do we have ngo’s working for animals in Belgaum… where we rescue animals and take care…and put them for adoption…pls come forward .need help

  3. Hey I have cute kitten wich came to me few days ago I wanted keep it but near ma home there few big cats attacking ma kitten so I dnt want it to die and I dnt want keep it tied for a day till I rittern home plz give me a suggestion or any animal rescue NGO’s in belgaum that I can hand over it to safe hands plz help me thank u….


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