Customary holy cleansing of Belagavi for Winter session

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A holy bath for a VIP visit to a city is an important ritual observed in many cities and Belagavi is not left behind either as the Winter session of the Karnataka Legislature will begin on December 4.

During this sacred event, specially appointed contractors bring cleansing waters to wash away any potential evil that might be around on the roads and dividers.

A sense of peace and purity is said to prevail as the invitee passes over the road that marks their passage into the cityscape. It is also common for dignitaries or high-profile personalities attending the event to be presented with gifts or tokens that are believed to protect them during their visit.

In order to maintain safe and efficient travel throughout the city, strategic money is being spent on road repair, painting, vegetation planting, and street lighting.

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The process of repairing existing roads varies from patching potholes to repaving entire stretches with asphalt or concrete depending on the severity of wear and tear.

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Maintaining cleanliness in a corporation is an important priority all year round but in our case, we are a VIP-dependent city.

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5 thoughts on “Customary holy cleansing of Belagavi for Winter session”

  1. Public …..jagtahe Raho …of you want you can also carry a piece of the road as the momento ….after the session is over …

    As the road is meant to last for a session plus few days

  2. So called dignitaries are employees of citizen. Citizens gave them jobs by electing to represent and do the best for our living conditions. Why is it dignitaries get treated well while they look down on citizen as third class tier. This is a twisted mentality.


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