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Dams out of nowhere

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The downpour has been incessant over the past week and in the entire district all the rivers are overflowing and many bridges are inundated.

Belagavi city received about 73 and 82 mm of rainfall on 16 and 17th of August. This is below the 92.4 mm it received on August 6.

All of a sudden many new DAMS evolved within the city limits out of nowhere and traffic halted.

Technically a dam is a barrier that stops or restricts the flow of water or underground streams. Here thanks to the wondrous planning & execution on the part of the Smart city and other departments we saw huge water logging near Peeranwadi NH4A and Congress road near Military Mahadev Temple.

congress rd military water

The waterlogging near Peeranwadi on NH4A was removed by the inspector and his team from the Udyambag Police station at night.

The dam like structure made near the entrance of the Military Mahadev is still seen and water is still flowing even after the Smart engineers made same holes in the dividers for the water to pass through.

peeranwadi water

The waterlogging is so much one side of the road is actually not motorable but still, people are driving through it.

Water discharge from all the dams is in progress but here even after the discharge the inflow is very high.

Such instances of water logging were reported from various other locations as well.

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