Darbar Galli road widening begins


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The road widening of Darbar Galli to Karnataka chowk, i.e. from Maratha Mandal College, Chavat Galli, Darbar Galli, Bhendi Bazar, Azad Galli Karnataka Chowk.

Photo Raju Sadare

There was protest last time almost a year ago at Darbar galli/Bhendi Bazar for the road widening and a few people have taken stay from the High court and their case is now referred to the Regional Commissioner who is yet to give his decision.

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  1. it is good to hear that from Maratha Mandal to Karnataka chowk is being widening work is started .Thanks to the officials and the elected representatives .I suppose that the Khade Bazar road also needs attention.

  2. When will Ramdev Galli & Maruti Galli widened? This is urgent need of Belgaum people. Why Darbaar Galli because they want to make it Commercial Street. This is not important as Ramdev Galli & Maruti Galli.


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