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DC says all is well at Rajhuns gad

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Deputy Commissioner Ekroop Caur said that various works had been planned in consultation with MPs, MLAs, experts and prominent citizens and hence taken up at the Rajhuns Gad. State Government has sanctioned Rs. 4.9 crore for conservation of the historic Rajhans Gad fort which will include works roads, Food Park, parking for vehicles and public utilities.rajhunsgad1
She also added that all work under taken would be implemented by the Department of Archaeology and Museums. With regards to the road to which many have raised a voice she said that it won’t pose any threat to the ancient structure and after the renovation work is complete the entire landscape would look even more fine-looking.
About allegations of illegal quarrying and excavation she said that there was no ore in the soil there.
Rs. 40 lakh would be spent for establishment of a food park and Rs. 24 lakh to provide drinking water facility and also a gallery for the public has also been planned. A garden at a cost of Rs.10 lakh would be developed, while Rs. 1.75 crore would be spent for conservation and maintenance of the historic fort.

2 thoughts on “DC says all is well at Rajhuns gad”

  1. did they forgot to mention how many lakhs and crores will go into personal account.
    the comment "after the renovation work is complete the entire landscape would look even more fine-looking…" feel like humilated, dont know if DC is native of Belgaum or has stayed here earlier but belgaum landscape is beautiful than many metros (BGMities will agree on this) and cities. but greedy officers posted in belgaum are looting by building houses or selling land that dont have NA through illegal Rs.100 bond paper. Few previous post on AAB about raids by Lokayukta on official in revenue,tax and other dept highlight this.
    The only hope is BGMities will save BGM

  2. The MES leaders are no good and do not want any development in Belgaum, They should arrested under POTA and the newspapers which write instigating articles should be banned and action taken against them. The issue is not with people opf Kannada and Marathi , both co-exist beautifully.


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