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DCP Rohan Jagadish Leads Inspection in Hindalga Jail

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Belagavi City Police Commissioner Iada Martin and DCP Rohan Jagadish of the Law and Order Division took charge of an inspection for alleged illegal activities within Hindalga Jail. T

he officials conducted thorough inspections within the jail premises over the past hour. Last year, TV9 highlighted reported illegal activities within Hindalga Jail, shedding light on the availability of cell phones for Rs. 10,000 and Android phones for Rs. 20,000, indicating a thriving black market. Moreover, inmates seemingly had access to amenities such as better cells, TVs, mattresses, and even meals from outside, with financial incentives driving these privileges. The report also revealed instances of intimidation by gangs and the presence of knives among inmates.

In a separate incident, an inmate named Jayesh Pujari allegedly demanded money from a central minister, threatening dire consequences if his demands were not met. Nagpur police have since taken him into custody.

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Addressing the media following the inspection, DCP Rohan Jagadish remarked, “Our ACPs, five inspectors, and 146 personnel conducted a thorough check. They utilized the dog squad to inspect the entire jail premises to ascertain the ground reality. Tobacco, beedi cigarettes, and small knives were discovered inside. Despite security measures in place, the prevalence of such items inside warrants a comprehensive investigation. As of now, no mobile phones have been recovered, but mobile chargers and Bluetooth devices were found, which have been confiscated under Belagavi DCP Rohan Jagadish’s directives.

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