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Deepak & Dinesh Dhadoti Belgaumite of the Year 2014

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Deepak & Dinesh Dhadoti awarded’s Belgaumite of the Year 2014
Smt. Shakutai Paranjape gets Lifetime achievement award

Master Moin Junedi awarded with Human Spirit Award has completed SEVEN successful years of educating, informing and keeping Belgaumites aware of Whats hot and Whats not across the Belagavi spectrum and beyond.

boty14 boty14-1 boty14-1-2 (AAB) is a premier website on the city of Belagavi. This is the FIFTH year of the Belgaumite (person) of the year 2014.

The response to the activity was overwhelming and a whole bundle of people spread across multiple

Geographies globally contributed their valuable votes.

Deepak & Dinesh Dhadoti were declared winner for the BOTY 2014 through online voting.

The awards were given away Chief Guest Dr.Nitin Khot and Uday Kinjawadekar of

The Nominees were for 2014: Deepak & Dinesh Dhadoti, Nagratna Ramgouda(Social worker for HIV infected), Umesh Khade (Deaf & Dumb Swimmer) & Soniya Netalkar (Women Entreprenuer).

From this year a lifetime achievement award was started and the same was awarded to Smt. Shakutai Paranjape.

Moin Junedi was given a special award named “Human Spirit Award”.

About the Winners:

Deepak & Dinesh Dhadoti– of Servocontrols India Pvt.Ltd. for taking Belagavi made Sensors for ISRO’s Mangalayaana mission. “Sensors” were specially modified and implemented for the supplied position sensors for Mangalyana India’s Mars mission. They are identified as one of the pioneer partners for developing Light Combat Aircraft. The company was also a vendor for ISRO’s earlier missions. Rashmi Bansal, in her book, ‘Take me Home – The Inspiring Stories Of 20 Entrepreneurs From small- Town India’, has honored Belgaumite Deepak Dhadoti with a chapter devoted to his work.

Smt.Shakutai Paranajape: (Lifetime Achievement award)
Shakutai has been a symbol of enthusiasm and self-belief right since her childhood. Shakuntala Paranjape; the President of the Association of the Physically Handicapped,Belagavi. Stricken by polio while still very small, at the age of two, she symbolizes the very essence of human spirit that finds hope and purpose in living beyond ability in order to make a difference to society at large, especially those who are as differently abled as she is. She has made others with disability to overcome their hindrances and make a living for themselves.

Moin Junedi: (Human Spirit Award)
Moin is a “delicate boy with strong willpower. He suffered a series of fractures early in life, but he fought against all odds and he went on to participate in four national-level swimming competitions for the disabled. He won six gold medals and one silver. Moin began swimming in 2009 after joining a swimming camp for the underprivileged and the disabled.”

He has made it to the India book of records as the “youngest swimmer with Locomotive disability”.

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  1. Heartiest Congratulations Uday. You are indeed a Torch Bearer for all the Belgaumites!. I missed the award ceremony due to prior engagements.


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