Deer killed in accident on highway

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In a road accident near Rani Channamma University, a Deer was hit by a vehicle while it was trying to cross over and efforts to save it went in vain.

Eyewitnesses said that the animal was trying to cross the road to move to a nearby grassland when it was hit by a car near the cross of Rani Channamma University near Bhootaramanhatti.

The students and passersby tried to save the animal but all their efforts went in vain and it died in an hour.

The car which hit the deer did not stop.

The Union Forest Ministry asked the State government to shift all university offices out of Bhootaramana Hatti forest, demolish the buildings and construct the vice-chancellor’s office and other buildings elsewhere in Belagavi.


3 thoughts on “Deer killed in accident on highway”

  1. Sir kakati forest officers are irresponsible fellows…. that RFO cell is always switch off.. if connect he never gonna receive .. if they rushed at accident place in time after knowing incident then they could have saved that deer .. but unfortunately didn’t and came 2 hour later…. and….scolded localates for informing media ….

  2. Sad to hear about our govt official’s carelessness, our law should have some severe disciplinary regulations to be implemented and executed against such irresponsible staffs. But whom to complaint, it would be like giving keys in to the hands of theif, no use.

  3. Request to Forest Officials and Highway Authority please put a board on Highways mentioning its forest zone, so that Vechiles can lower their speed in this area.


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