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The delicious nights of Ramzan now in centre of Darbar Galli

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Come the holy month of Ramazan and the picture changes to more picturesque nightly scenes. It is the time of the year when harmony and acceptance beyond the sectarian define descends onto the streets. The streets are suddenly more alive to the occasion rather than the clock and the silence of the night translates into the hustle bustle of friends on the street.

Darbar Galli turns itself into a food street since the evening and remains so until the morning. The only difference this is the location of the various stalls that are put up during this month of Ramzan will now be in the centre of Darbar Galli after its widening.

darbar galli ramzan
All the stalls in the centre of the Darbar Galli

Every time the stall used to be put on the each side of the street and the vendors had to pay a hefty rentals to the house and shop owners. But this time sources say, MLA Saith said why not put all the stalls on the centre of the road by which there will be room on each side for citizens to pass and it will be more convenient for both the foodies and vendors.

belgaum ramzan
Food Stalls during Ramzan in Belagavi

Smoking hot barbecues with sizzling Kebabs, stuffed patties, enticing Biryanis sweetmeats and savouries and all of a sudden it’s like right out of a cook and eat television channel. For those with a sweet tooth, there is the sensational falooda, the delicately made phirni, sevaiyyan, biscuits decked with dry fruit and the special Badam and Kesar milk all are awaiting your arrival.

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