DELTASYS E FORMING installs a Concrete 3D Printer in IISc Bengaluru

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DELTASYS E FORMING, the Belagavi-based 3D printer developer, revealed that it has successfully delivered and installed a concrete 3D printer at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. The 3D printer will be used for research purposes at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST). The recent string of concrete 3D printers bought by educational institutes indicates a push toward research in the field as well as signifies a positive attitude towards concrete 3D printing in India.

Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) was established in 1974 as ASTRA (Application of Science and Technology for Rural Areas). It is an inter-disciplinary research and technology development centre of IISc aimed at promoting sustainable technologies tailored to suit local conditions of resource availability and habitation.

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DELTASYS E FORMING Concrete 3D printer

The concrete 3D printer delivered to IISc has a build volume of 1.5 cubic meters and is capable of creating strong concrete structures. The printer also has a 4th axis tangential control to ensure a smooth surface finish. IISc will be conducting multiple research studies on the printer but more importantly on the sustainable materials for printing. This ties up with the mission of the center for providing sustainable solutions to a host of global concerns, primarily dealing with energy, buildings and the environment.

The DELTASYS concrete 3D printer is able to process any third party material and can process up to 8mm aggregate concrete including all kinds of plasters, cement paste, mud, etc.

Earlier this year, DELTASYS E FORMING delivered a similar concrete 3D printer to IIT Bombay where it will be used for material research purposes, and to IIT Guwahati where the printer was used to print furniture using construction waste.

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