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Demolition continues


The Demolition of the shops of Kelkar bag which was stopped yesterday has begun today.Sources say after the demolition the space would be utilized for TWO Wheller parking. How many vehicles will fit in there is the Question. The Corporation is not able to build the multi level parking since 10 years and now plans a parking space by demolition of these shops about 40 of them to be precise.

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One shop here belongs to Shri Bandu Patil who represented the Indian Hockey team, which won Silver medal & Gold medal during 1960 & 1964 Olympics. The City corporation had passed a resolution to this effect and handed over the shop to him. Now the same shop is begin demolished. People say there is something fishy about this entire drive. The elected representatives dont want to see these shop owners and shop owners say the use of force is bad.



  1. Yes i agree that the demolition of illegal khokas is fine, but what about legal once. they have just demolised
    the hopcorm horticuler shops for veg & fruits also, which have been given by the Govt. itself, not only that they are cutting the trees beside the roads, ( where one side they say to plant the trees ) this all is going on in outside ext. areas where traffic is not the matter. this is all in the name of VKSS . I don't think that even kannada people will sopport this event.
    this is how we indian live.

  2. Why the work of demolition is stopped where there is opposition? Why aren't these ccb ppl taking down all the illegal constructions??



  4. Good to see the face lift of belgaum,however unfortunately poor peoples livelyhood is gone, i can bet if this place had been to some politician they would have granted another 100yrs lease.

  5. The demolition of khokas is fine, if they were illegal. But what about the Builders with illegal constructions and basements in complexes? Why target only poor people? If basements of all commercial building are used for parking, it will solve more than 50% of Belgaum's parking problems.

  6. All the vendors at those places minted a huge amount of money everday.. Its not that the CCB came up suddenly and started demolishing, all owners were given out notices months ago, this is how its done.. I don't think Govt is at fault, the khokas and small time food joints,, make more money than any one does, but they don't want to set up a new shop or premises or even pay taxes (the Income tax). Its very Easy to blame the Govt. Firstly look at all facts and then blame. Govt does and will surely compensate them..
    (Ask What I can DO For my Country than asking what It can do For me)
    Developments is not working on Emotions or saying I had Bhel there, its much more than that.
    We need to change our mindsets people! alot!
    Lots funnier is.. we can see no one helps a person in an accident.. its the time a person needs the help the most as its regarding life, but we tend to look at other issues and charge on Govt just because its going ahead with development … and start blogging 🙂

  7. I say that place was congested anyway, widening this will give Bogarwase a new look. Bandu Patil's shop can be replaced at a far nicer place than being here in this narrow alley.

  8. Well said Shri, I appreciate..
    Yes, when such things happen, some people are speechless( as myself !! ). Its a time where in you can think of the development of the city which gives an immense pleasure but the other way round, the shopkeepers (then), have to again struggle for there livelihood which is more difficult to get on to the pace and caliber in business what they possessed all these years long. Off course, the administration should take measures and ensure the victims ( rather, businessmen) that there would be a rehabilitation made possible. Having said that, good that there is some development seen all around. Thanks for the updates Uday bhau 🙂

  9. Widening of deshmukh road , widening of railway gates , stopping parking on roads , widening of Patil galli , fort road etc is essential

  10. contd…
    I also would like to point to Belgaum Bhavan (next to Vaishali Bar). Why is the basemnet parking not being used??? I have never seen this basement parking being used. If this is in use now, sorry, i 'm unaware!!

    The development is becoming a costly affair to the hard working ppl who genuinely toil thru out the day to earn their living!!! Has CCB thought about their rehabilitation?? Will the ppl who have lost their decades old businesses see the light again??

  11. INDIA bhel house gone!!!!??? I have been eating there since late 80's. This is so sad… I really feel something FISHY here! By the pics posted here, looks like the Petrol bunk & the Sea Rock hotel are now more visible, was this to please the Sea Rock hotel complex and the Bunk (owner is a small time politico fron Gokak!!??)

    Secondly, Uday has mentioned here this place is gonna be used for parkinng of 2 wheelers! Are you kidding me?? If these shopped were demolished to make way for the parking place in the heart of the city then CCB should first seal the shops in the basement of that Sea Rock hotel. There is a Bar in this basement as far as i remember! The owner has basement parking, but that doesnt cover the entire carpet area. If there was bigger parking in the basement, the customers to this complex could park their vehicles here and hence lessen the stress on this busy road. contd…

  12. They are demolishing d kokas n all d building only coz there is gonna be samelan, y didn't they wake up at early stage if those are illegally placed there .This is just to show how belgaum has improved.And have they given any other alternative places to them? BECAUSE they live on d shop which they had.

  13. I think the people should stand up now, enough is enough. If something fishy is going on behind this we should know. Everyone knows what the government is for.

  14. Whatever people, this had to happen one day .. but its really unfair for the poor people as they shud be given some other alternate for their income.

  15. Removal of illegal construction/building is relay very good Decision by CCB! But pls Don't harsh Innocent & poor peoples!

  16. Ye sab thik nahi hai . Jo koi din-raat mehnat-majduri kar ke pet bharata hai uski pet pe laat marana ye kaha ka nyay hai ? Agar Belgaum ka devlopment karanahi hai to in garib logo ke khoke poore hatane ki bajaye unko naye pakke dukan bandh ke dene chahiye, wo bhi un currupted political leadaron ke kale paison se.

  17. something seems to be fishy as there is no so called AWAAZ from the Representatives of People! who are elected by the people, for the people! Isn"t it ?

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