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Shop owners fury at Bogarves

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The Shop owners on the Kelkar bag Nala Slab(this is next to the petrol pump on College road, Near Vaisahli Bar) were furious this afternoon when the the corporation team came with JCBs to remove their shops saying that the corporation had not renewed its lease.

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The shops there include All India Bhel House, Vijay Bakery, 2 Biryani stalls and few more other shops like mobile recharge and a canteen.

On the other hand the The shop owners showed this blog a rental receipt of one of the tenanats there for the year 01-04-2009 to 31-03-2010 as lease rent for shop on Kelkar bag Nala Slab.

The corporation officially might not have renewed the lease then why did it collect the lease rent from the tenants there.

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In 1995 the lease expired and all the tenants of the said premises wrote to the corporation to extend their lease, the corporation never responded but annually collected the lease rent from the shop owners.

This made the shop owners furious and the police was called in more numbers to handle the situation.

Till this was being typed the shop owners were given time until 5 pm to remove the shops but no one did anything as they say all is legal and why under the name of VKS the corporation is harassing them.DSC00316

Furious shop owners and their families


A shop owner said, we have paid lease rents, house tax yearly without default, these shops are not khokas and were approved by the corporation then why this act of removal now.

The pan shops at Bogarves circle(Kirloskar road) Arun Pan shop and classic pan shop were also removed by the encroachment wing of the corporation this afternoon.

12 thoughts on “Shop owners fury at Bogarves”

  1. Our city politicians will face something bad in future is what i can predict. where should this shop owners earn their living and where should they stay. in house of the bloody leaders. in the name of vks govt is doing illegal things.

  2. I Support the shopkeepers there, they had the intent to atleast get their agreements renewed and continued to pay the rents! The CCB is incorrect here and I beleive there could be a provision where these shopkeepers can file a case against the CCB in this regard. If these shops were illegalencroached then why did the CCB collect rent?

    Development is good but do not leave the very citizens stranded!!!

  3. Good one …

    Our people are like that, they dont make their own lives secure untill it comes to the neck.

    I feel atleast now the shop owners will look for a permenent base,,,

    Really its a FACELIFT

  4. Beatification should not lead to loss of livelihood of the people. If the govt. is that serious about encrochments then why the big fishes are roaming scott free? They unnecessarily want to harass poor and weak. Another case in point is the drive to collect ration cards, electricity bills etc. They are trying to save thousands when crores are getting looted.

  5. Removal of illegal construction/building is good. BUT WHY THIS SELECTIVE TARGETING APPROACH. Corporation has to be fair to all, and all illegal construction/building in Belgaum must be dealt with.

  6. See "JAB KUCH ACHHA HO RAHA HAI TO HONE DO"but in the mean time CCB should come up with some new idea,they shuold build that place in nice way and give it on the rent basis.

  7. Hello! CCB?
    What about CBT? are you going to remove those dirty street vendors who are BLOCKING the traffic near the bus stand, If so when?


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