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Belgaum is known for its nature and awesome weather and majority of this green cover lies under the Cantonment area.

The Argan Talav or Argan Ponds near the Military Hindlaga Temple are set of 5 ponds neslted in nature and also is nestled into it a small bird sanctuary where a few species of birds breed. These water bodies are home to many birds.

Argan Talav was earlier known as Airgun Talav as British officers used to go there on weekdays for hunting birds and rabbits with their Air guns. Later on people started calling it Argan Talav.

The MLIRC is now building 8 feet high walls all along the ponds and securing its property and it has done this all along the golf course from Hanuman Nagar upto the Club road on Belgaum – Hindlaga road.IMG 1878IMG 1879

For years and years these tanks have been used by the Milkmen to bathe their buffaloes. This entire spot could be developed and benches could be built, walk ways all along the lake on one side could be built by which nature is preserved and also humans are not taken far away from nature.

After the walls will be built the lake will not be visible from the road and our children will not even be aware that any such water bodies existed.

The plan of the MLIRC to protect their property is good but by building the walls the gap between the humans and nature will widen. Instead only fencing the area, in a much better way than it is now will be good for both nature and people.

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  1. they could have even take some other steps too instead of building wall they could had advised the guys who get the cow's etc not to get over ther
    wel 🙁

    • Mr Parmaj,
      You are wrong in saying stop the guys who take cows there. The Cattle have been using the ponds since ages even before Miltary had the land. Hence the name remeber Cattle Road in front of St Zaviers. You cannot be so blunt and hit the poor Gavali's where will they go to graze their cows, wherein will they wash the cattle. Give they some space ( have you left any, SEZ's Industries etc etc)
      Please get out of the glass house before making a comment, I have lived all my childhood with Gavali friends and now I am much more setlled in life but near denegrate the Poor cowheards.


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