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Desur school girls won Kabaddi at District level as they wanted a Projector for their school

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A small Marathi school located in Desur village near Belagavi, nothing very different from any other govt run school. Belgaum Round table 119 and other members of other NGOs were there at the school for the inauguration of the toilet blocks constructed by the Belgaum Round table 119.

While the speeches were going on the head master of the school introduced 12 girls who were part of the Kabbadi team and had won the Taluka, Cluster levels games and now had to go for the Zonals. The head master also thanked the NGO’s for helping them and requested them to see if a projector could be given to the school.

desur-kabaddiThe round table agreed to pay 50% of the amount but to get the other 50% the school was not in a position to raise so much money.

After the ceremony Mrs Vinita Prabhu, Mr Vinay Bagi, Mr Sushant Dange who were there asked the girls if they needed any assistance for matches.

The girls did not have proper shoes nor track suits, the three on the spot decided to get them shoes and track suits. It was a sight of pleasure to see the happy faces wearing the track suit and shoes. This simple gesture had boosted their morale but the girls were thinking how does one get a projector for their school. At this moment Kiran, a social worker came in and pitched that if the girls win the Zonals, he would pay the balance amount of the projector.

And there it was, the girls now decided may what happen but we will win the zonals so that the school gets the projector. This carrot was like a dream for the girls who decided on their own to play it hard but win.

And yes they did win the zonals then went for the state and after giving a tough fight came on the second spot, with the glory of 5 of the girls from the team will now represent the primary state team at the nationals.

Vijaya Patil, Trupti Gurav, Sarita Patil, Vaishnavi Lohar and one more gilr will be part of the state team.

The projector will be installed in the coming week and Vijaya Patil said that, we wanted a projector for our school and when we heard it can in our school as well, we decided to play it hard and win the matches.

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