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Devotees of all communities unite for saying `Bappa Morya’

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The suburb of Shahpur in Belagavi city which is termed to be sensitive showed the people the day of communal harmony.

Shahapur police succeeded uniting people of all communities as devotees under one mantap to perform special pooja of elephant-headed god `Gajanana’, at Shahapur in Belagavi on Tuesday. And those were the senior leaders of the Muslim community who performed the aarti of Lord Ganesha, which stole the show on the occasion.

Leading the front was  Shahapur Police Inspector Javed Mushapuri and for the first time in the history of Shahapur, senior leaders of Muslim, Christian, Sikh and other communities united for performing special pooja of Ganpati.

All the people supported this infinitive and all as one family gathered for the aarti.

Mohammad Rasulke, Rafiq Dhaewadkar, Nasir Makandar, Diwansab Desai and others performed aarti at Ramlingwadi near Goaves Circle of Shahapur. Senior police officials including Deputy Commissioner of Police Seema Latkar attended the pooja.  

Devotees of all communities unite for saying `Bappa Morya'mohrama-ganpati

1 thought on “Devotees of all communities unite for saying `Bappa Morya’”

  1. peace @ heart good to hear people are united by love and not divide by religion. Respect every religion every religion teaches good. I believe in One GOD, call GOD by any good name doesn’t matter nor does GOD care for name HE cares is the love to HIM n do right. What matter’s is we have HIM in our hearts. In those hearts where GOD resides their can never be enmity their will only n only be love n peace. Don’t force anyone to do anything which u think is right in ur site not GOD’s. Coz GOD doesn’t like anything forced or harm to any live evryone is dear to HIM, HE love whats out within your heart.


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