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YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE EVERYTHING – Learn to be Satisfied, not Addicted!!!

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Addiction – WHEN, WHERE, and HOW MUCH is the question to be asked not only for young children or adults but to society.

We often feel we need to have everything in life, but the fact is there are limitations for everyone and we always feel some things are missing. We need to count our blessings and not our worries…

Habits can be addictions in progress… If you are habitual to something, you will slowly be addicted to it. Addiction could be of anything like mobile phones, social media, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, negative thoughts, not maintaining healthy relations, etc., there are many things to list. Addiction can also be described as habits that cannot be controlled.

When addicted, we tend to focus more on our own emotions, own winning, becoming more aggressive and dominating towards every other individual.

How does a person get addicted? They plan to make more time for it, try to make more efforts/attempts towards it, and see that they are closer to their expected goal or target now. (Example, a Video Game). In this phase, the positives are these people show that they know the importance of achieving their targets/goals by giving proper time and putting genuine efforts, but when dealing with Life problems, they get confused, irritated, depressed and perform aggressive behaviors. One needs to understand that LIFE is also a game to be played in a similar way and it is not to be destroyed. Addictions can be stopped, restarted, monitored, and managed, but a LOST LIFE CANNOT.

Mental-Health-HeadsTherefore, it is important to understand that the most important thing in our lives are the relations we hold dear and not the materialistic things nor any addictions. Losing out on relations and making new ones is today’s trend and criticizing their previous relations is very much seen.

Up to what extent addictions can take people ahead, we may have witnessed. If relaxation and being comfortable are the reasons, then there are many other things where one can find it, but only for the sake of relaxation if one has to exceed their addictions then certainly it is not advisable from any point of view.

Addiction or Habits if monitored with WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW MUCH formula (WHEN is the best time, WHERE is the right place, and How Much to do it), so the addiction rate may come down gradually. Following this surely will keep people out of dangers, be much more devoted, and learn to be more satisfied. With this, you will never get the urge to go for addiction to get relaxed or being comfortable.

Addictions get stronger because people see only the pleasures they get from it so they often do it more, also because they are not exposed to anything else that can make them feel better other than that addiction itself. To overcome these feelings or situations, one must always feel free to talk to their closed ones or professionals about it. They can give you right path, help you relax, make you understand the situation, and in the process you may get the happiness or relaxation you are looking for.

The attitude from the senior members of society should be positive enough to the younger ones saying, THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE and avoid saying “Nowadays, people are a lot mean and they are not interested in others problems.” Children lose hope when they hear such statements and try to indulge in themselves, avoid being social, and then they fail to understand their situation or problems they are facing. They hesitate to open up and tend to make ways on their own, which can be at times disturbing to themselves and the society they live at large.

It would be very important to understand this. As the world today is moving a lot faster, we need to inculcate proper values and build healthy relations to avoid such things in future. Adult or child, personal or professional, start working on the addictions whatever it may be with WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW MUCH..


and we could see the change our society needs, please contribute for the betterment..


About the Author: Tejas Kolekar, Personal Coach, Educator Founder, Sanskruti EduCare

M: 9916835550

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