DFO responds to Leopard sighting

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DFO Harsha visited the Golf course areas where 2 persons have sighted a Leopard in the morning.

Speaking to the media Harsha said, he has come to know from two-morning walkers that they have sighted a leopard.

However we havent been able to see any footprints or pug marks as yet.

However as matter of caution the Kakti and Belagavi Forest officers will search for the animal.

Leopards are shy, secretive and cunning animals. They are solitary except when mating or females with cubs. They are mainly nocturnal and probably the most adaptable predator. They are very agile in trees and can also swim well.

This current area is huge and if it is there we will capture it, he added.

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As a precautionary measure, two traps from Jamakhandi are been brought to Belagavi and similarly veterinarians from the KCR zoo will be here to assist.

If we are able to trace the Leopard it we will trap it. There is no need of being feared.

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