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Diesel crematorium to be operational in 3 months at Sadashiv nagar

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On July 25, 2016 we had made a story Electrical Crematorium at Sadashiv Nagar to get a new lease of life, and on the fourth call two companies have put in tenders and currently the same is being evaluated.

Now after 4 calls a Belagavi based company Advance Engineering Industries bid has been accepted and after some more formalities work order will be issued and the hopefully the Diesel crematorium would be operational in another 3 months.

The Electrical Crematorium at Sadashiv Nagar Cremation Ground, Belagavi which is closed since 1998 due to seepage of water will now get a new lease of life as the City corporation plans to repair the same by spending to the tune of Rs.52,99,873.

However the total bid accepted is for Rs.46,58,877.

As per accepted BID –
Rs.32,54,768 have been allocated for Improvements to Electrical Crematorium and Rs.14,04,109.46 for Providing Concrete to control Seepage Water at Electrical Crematorium.

The ecologically sound as well as an economical mean of using electric crematorium for funerals is gaining ground in the country. Electric cremation, the best-known alternative to pyres of precious firewood has been finding acceptance among masses. This unconventional way of cremation not only helps in saving resources like wood and kerosene but also offers relatives of the dead the most economical option for funeral. Traditional funeral using pyre requires around 300 kg of firewood, two and half litres of kerosene and 300 cow-dung cakes per dead body, which costs around Rs 1900-2000 in total.


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