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The twenty-first century is an age of fast lifestyles coupled with stress. In a race to achieve the goals, people are simply racing ahead without even a thought about themselves. This has resulted in a healthy lifestyle taking a back seat. Irregular meals, hastily catching up with work has become the norm. Neglecting a healthy lifestyle and embracing a faulty diet has resulted in several health problems. It is followed by frequent visits to the doctor and a vicious circle of tests and medicines follows. It is then that people follow the doctor’s advice and start consuming whatever the doctor prescribes, keeping all favorite foods aside. Cant this be avoided?

Definitely, it can. But for that to happen, one must follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.  Every person’s diet is as different from his nature. Of late, one can see a lot of awareness being created about a healthy lifestyle among the common people.  Many TV channels beam programs dedicated to a healthy diet where experts express their opinions. With multiple experts beaming their own opinions based on experience, it gets confusing at times. It is here that Dr. Sonali Sarnobat’s book comes as a breather.

In this book, she has clearly guided on the right kind of diet, the right components of a healthy diet, the nutrients required by our body, etc. in a very easy manner with the help of charts. Why do we feel hungry, the role of water, things one must do to lose weight, what to eat and what not to eat are some topics that she has touched upon. She also writes at length about the time of the day when we should eat. Also mentioned clearly are the types of exercises for men and women and the ideal duration of sleep. This book definitely aims at creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle among every health conscious person. 

diet-me Dr Sonali SarnobatInformation regarding “Diet” has gained more important now than ever before. Life for the average citizen in the Twenty-First century is hectic and stressful. People are busy trying to achieve goals without any thought to their capacity. Working day has become so frantic. People are partaking of whatever food available at whatever time available to adjust to their work schedule. This disorganized lifestyle leads to wrong dietary habits and has affected the health of individuals to a great extent ending in the physician’s chamber. The result is a plethora of tests and medication. Individuals then have to give up their favorite foods and follow the diet prescribed by the doctor. How does one escape this vicious cycle?

Indeed, one can avoid this fate if one follows a well-organized routine coupled with a well-balanced diet. The dietary requirement of each person changes with the constitution. Fortunately, there is an increasing awareness among people about the need for a balanced diet. Several experts are found to be guiding people about diet on various tv channels. However, this over-exposure to varied theories has led more to confusion of relevant information. Dr. Sonali Sarnobat’s book “Diet and Me” is a timely guide on this subject.

The book Diet and Me authored by Dr. Sonali Sarnobat and published by Partridge publication is available on Amazon as well as in local bookstores and her clinics.

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