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Diinesh, Belagavi’s first K11-certified Master Trainer

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Most of us look to advice from others on how to get the best workout in, but this can sometimes backfire. Not every exercise tip is actually useful, and some might even end up hurting you. There is some fitness advice that you should just never follow, no matter how many people said it or where you read it. Knowing how to workout properly can help you not only get the results you want, but prevent you from getting an injury, and Diinesh Vernekar from Belagavi is here to help you take the right workouts for your body.

Meet Diinesh pursued one of the highest certification in fitness science – from the prestigious K11 Academy Of Fitness Sciences and is a K11-certified Master Trainer. He was trained at the academy under the guidance of Indian fitness industry stalwart, Kaizzad Capadia.


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He aims to spread knowledge and awareness about fitness science, as he feels the field is the most misunderstood. He says that people practice a lot of unscientific methods in fitness, which can be harmful.

Speaking to AAB, Diinesh said

I want people to follow fitness scientifically, keeping ‘bro science’ aside, and achieve their desired goals easily and in the right way.

He is also a K11-certified sports nutritionist, and possesses in-depth knowledge about nutrition and as to how scientific nutrition can make people’s goals easy- right from fat loss, weight gain to contest preparation and getting healthy.

In his capacity as a K11-certified personal trainer for special population, he is a fitness professional who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate, and train special population clients of all ages, regarding their health and fitness needs, preventively, and in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Special populations include those with chronic and temporary health conditions.

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