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Dilip Chandak, Anish Metrani elected Chairman, VC of CII Belagavi

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Mr. Dilip Chandak, Managing Director, Vega Auto Pvt Ltd has been elected as the Chairman of CII Belgaum for the year 2020-2021 and Mr. Anish Metrani, Managing Director, Sneham International will serve as the Vice Chairman.

Mr. Dilip Chandak, an Indian entrepreneur with over 30- years of experience, a pioneer in automobile accessories who has been at the forefront of promotion of road safety in India.

A team builder with a deep insight into consumer needs, that he creatively translates into market share with innovative marketing solutions and fertile business strategies. His ability to turn a crisis into an opportunity has been demonstrated across industries like automobile accessories, real estate, high-end composites and even aviation.

A visionary who has introduced world class products and practices to create a globally competitive brand that has put India into the world map.


Laying down a vision and converting it into an exceptional functioning business. Building successful businesses from the ground up making the vision of an indigenous world class product a reality. Establishing a business culture that delivers exceptional quality, superior service and profitability while rewarding entrepreneurial spirit. Setting the organization structure and culture to empower all partners, stakeholders, employees and customers without compromising any engines of the business.

Mr. Anish A. Metrani, founded the flagship company ‘Sneham International’ in the year 1996.Sneham is mainly into production of high end electrical insulation products along with tapes for power and communication cable industry. In addition to having 3 state of the art production facilities in Belagavi, a wholly owned subsidiary ‘Sneham Global LLC’ is operating in the United States of America under ‘Tektapes’ brand to serve the market in North and South America. Sneham has a global workforce of 400 plus employees.

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  1. well deserved appointment of both the stalwarts of the industries. I am sure under their stewardship CII will be in a different tangent. All the very best . warm regards. Rahul Kanungo. UK 27 The Fern Belagavi.


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