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Do we deserve our own miseries?

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by Sameer Majli
It can be a disappointing task to write for All About Belgaum as we seek to provide vent to the concerns of citizens at large. With the passing of each day, fresh and more dismal issues emerge and showcasing the same seems to be our main task. The effort is worth the indulgence since the objective is to draw attention to what disturbs us all, even though it actually directly troubles only a few.

The potholes on the roads, the gross violations of public discipline that leads to traffic jams and piling garbage are just a few things that we have tried to both draw attention to and make a difference. There have been times when the relevant authorities have taken notice and done the needful. However, by and large, it’s been a case of a lot said and nothing done. The complaint of the inaction of the same people that we voted to power is harped upon again and again, but we believe that we need to do more than just provide a showcase and that too a sad one.

When things go wrong, who takes the blame? Are we not as guilty as those that we blame? What is it that would solve the problems and make sure that they are never repeated?

While there is no denying that it’s the power holders who merit the larger blame since they have the official responsibility, what is it that we are doing wrong on our part?

For starters, we, as citizens or rather mute spectators that we call ourselves, often choose to wait for the problem to accumulate before we decide to scream about it. Be it the piles of trash, the clogged drains or the rash driving sprees of those deemed young of blood, we always choose to remain silent about it unless it directly causes us some inconvenience. Like it’s said, a fire is never a fire till it singes the contents of our own homes. Sad yet true!!

Congress Road near Veer Soudha Cross towards First Gate


How many of us even handle our own doings as responsibly as we should? How many of us really advise, counsel and even train our own family members to behave responsibly in the best interests of society?

We still have kids of well-educated families blaring around town on vehicles that they could well do without. Why do we opt to add horse power to a horse that is not even ready and responsible enough to trot? Why do we allow our own family members to toss trash from the windows of our cozy four wheeler drives? Why do we dump the trash in front of or behind our houses when we find the garbage van or the trash collector has failed in his duties? Why do the educated dig across the roads to get a water connection or a drainage access and never contribute to making amends for the road that has just been destroyed? It may be the official responsibility of the authorities but how many of us really even alert the authorities after the deed is done? While the onus would be primarily on the perpetrator, why do we as neighbors choose to be just an audience to the wrong that we see around us?

The health of a society is decided by the civic sense both practiced and preached by the educated few/many. The issues affecting town will not be resolved just by portraying the dismal scenes on All About Belgaum, they will not be addressed by just discussing stuff over hot cups of coffee at formal and informal meetings.

Nothing has happened and nothing will happen till we set out to douse the flames that consume another’s dwelling. Just open eyes and loud speeches and discussions have never accomplished anything and never will.

The state and status of a town is a direct reflection on the deeds, contributions, responsibility and integrity of the citizens at large, especially the so-called educated folk.

When things are not right, it just means that we are not right and that we are only getting what we deserve.

Do we deserve something better or do we just deserve a few more issues to chew at our convenience and a blame to pass on to other shoulders?

Will we, someday rise beyond convenience, vested interests and the stunted and over-personalized way of living to do things beyond routine, or will it be just a tale of accepting our that woes are mere routine; things that we claim, we can do nothing about?


About the Author: The Author is a regular writer for All About Belgaum, Placement and Training Officer at KLE Society Belgaum, Founder of the Social Initiative “Citizens for Society”,Career Counsellor and collects & presents programs on Old Hindi Songs

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  1. Well the autowalas electronic meter should add 10 meters for every pit, just a jerk of pit & meter jumps by 10 meters (new technology). The common commuter should be given Khada allowance once a week by the concerned government authority (DC, BC, AC etc) No wonder why we are chasing IRS 61 for $, the bigger the figure the better will be our economy (100 is 10 times better then 10). You see the debates in news channels, intellects discuss a lot. You know the new technology of debate in India, just allow a boy & girl to debate & the girl, simply gets pregnent. We score goals only in Chak de India or else hockey is our national game for name sake.


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