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Don’t Forget! It is a complete weekend lockdown

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Belagavi Deputy Commissioner M.G. Hiremath has announced complete lockdown from 6 AM May 29 to 6AM of May 31. These measures have been taken in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases in the district.

Even banks will remain closed during this weekend lockdown.

There would be no relaxation to buy vegetables in the 6-10 AM slot on Saturday and Sunday. Only Milk sales will be allowed

Full lockdown on Saturday complete lockdown from 6 AM May 29 to 6 AM of May 31 for Non-essential activities.


Sale of Milk
Visit hospital for emergency
Marriages already fixed with prior permission
Transport vehicles traveling to interstate and inter-district.
PDS Ration shops

Agricultural seva Kendras from 6 AM- 12 PM only (5 persons per village can go)
In Belagavi city for purchasing of seeds and other material for farming will be allowed from 6 AM – 12 PM (permission from Gram Panchayat or PDO required)
Citizens who have booked train or Air tickets for travel can travel, and the tickets will act as the pass.

DCP Vikram Amathe said good vehicles will be allowed and no other vehicles will be allowed other than those for medical emergencies.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Forget! It is a complete weekend lockdown”

  1. ?‍♂️
    Again with the partiality to milk.
    I don’t get it. How and why is it so essential?
    I don’t know.

    Be safe . . .
    drink milk . . ,
    and STAY blessed everybody

  2. Sir,You also don’t forget,this method of lockdown(except 6am-10am) the no of corona patients are still increasing(the no may be fabricated), public are very frustated for losing job,money.Please tell me how do we survive(except govt emloyee) with this?

    • Lockdowns have shown results for sure. 4.14 lakhs cases per day in May 1st week has come down to 1.73 lakhs per day now. If not lockdown, is there any other ways to control this disease? Please advise.

      Job loss etc are of course the concerns for all… But what other option we have to survive this pandemic if no lockdown?

    • Mask can control only when people wear it, wear it properly and not below the chin or below the nose.

      Difficult to provide a police officer per citizen to ensure that the citizen wears masks properly and wears always when out.

      So the lockdown.

  3. Fed up and suffering because of the lockdowns???

    The lockdown order has been passed to be active to June 29th or 30th.


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