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Dosa- Rs.25 Idli Rs.15 Puri Bhaji- Rs.20 Tea- Rs.6; Belgaum

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Mouth-watering items but they are now making big holes in pockets.


As the inflation has peaked to a 13 year high, the prices of essential food commodities have also risen. In a city like Belgaum where going out to eat in hotels is very common the prices of dishes have increased alarmingly.


Take regular dishes like Idli, which used to cost you Rs.11 is now costing Rs.13 –15. Dosa, which was Rs.22, is now Rs.25. Uppit, pohe of Rs.6 are now Rs.10.


The same is the case with other items like pav Bhaji, now Rs.20. Tea, which was Rs.5 in a good hotel, will now cost you Rs.6. Even the small canteen where the tea was Rs.3 is now Rs.5.


Now lets make a move towards the bigger dining hotels. Here also the same story, the prices of dishes have been increased by Rs.10-15 per plate and in some places the prices have been increased by Rs.5 but the quantity has been reduced.


Now going out for dinner for two in a nice cozy place will at least need Rs.300 or more.


In all the pockets are getting bigger no doubt, but the prices of commodities are growing at a larger pace.


So the next time you call your friend for tea, you might just end up with tea and nothing else. Have a nice time…

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