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Drain near Military Mahadev Entrance can solve the problem of waterlogging

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For over three days water logging was there near the entrance of the Military Mahadev Temple on Congress road.

It was a sight for a swimming pool of sorts and even after the dividers were broken to make way for the water, the water logging continued.

If one has observed this location there is slope up to the entrance and a smaller slope from Gogte circle towards the spot.


May be due to this,water logging happened here for a long time as there is no gutter on that side for the water to pass.

Some how the Smart city engineers managed to drain the water and regular traffic was restored.

We believe a simple Concrete Drain across the road at that point would be sufficient for the water to pass on the other side near the railway track drain.

In the construction of new roads it is frequently necessary to culvert existing watercourses passing across the line of the roadway.

Road surface drainage by kerbs and gullies can also done here. Combined Kerb and Drainage Block may also help.

On August 6 there was again water logging in Cariappa Colony, Maratha Colony to some extent and the main cause for this is again because of the single drain in Maratha Colony. If another Drain across the road is made at the double road Maratha Colony major issues of water logging can be solved. The resident association has worked tirelessly and has removed many obstacles in the huge CD across the road but one more drain is the necessity to solve this problem.

The Engineers have been told about the same, but now a Concrete road will have to be broken to make way for this CD.

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