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Driving Political Victory: How Belagavi’s Brand Raga Powers BJP’s Leaders to Success in Karnataka

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The Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 captivated the nation and the world. As the largest democracy with 96.9 crore eligible voters held its General Elections in seven extensive phases, the digital age made a significant impact. With over 82 crore active internet users, political leaders and parties increasingly leveraged digital platforms to connect with voters, enhance their appeal, and transform political engagement.

Amid this digital shift, Belagavi’s own Brand Raga emerged as a key player in political marketing. Founded by Shiv Mamadapur, who hails from Belagavi and is now based in Bengaluru, Brand Raga specializes in digital contextual marketing and branding. Since its inception in 2017 in Belagavi, the agency has significantly influenced political victories through innovative digital strategies and robust marketing solutions.

Brand Raga’s journey from Belagavi has been marked by remarkable achievements. The company has assisted over 80 brands, ranging from corporate’s like American Express and JIO Things to educational institutions and government departments. However, its most notable success has been in the political arena, where it has maintained a 100% track record in election campaigns.

Driving Political Victory: How Belagavi's Brand Raga Powers BJP's Leaders to Success in Karnataka  Shiv Mamadapur

In the Lok Sabha Election of 2024, Brand Raga played a pivotal role in the campaign of BJP MP candidate for Belagavi, Jagadish Shettar. The agency crafted a meticulously designed digital strategy that resonated deeply with the voters. By harnessing the extensive reach of social media, Brand Raga highlighted Shettar’s commitment and vision for Belagavi, countering any outsider narrative by showcasing his deep understanding of the city’s needs.

The campaign featured targeted digital content, live interactions, and engaging multimedia campaigns, all emphasizing Shettar’s dedication and proactive approach. Simultaneously, on-ground activities managed by the BJP, including community meetings, local events, and door-to-door campaigns, reinforced the digital messages, ensuring a cohesive and persuasive outreach. This integrated strategy not only strengthened Shettar’s connection with voters but also effectively addressed doubts about his familiarity with Belagavi, leading to a compelling and successful campaign.

Shiv Mamadapur

Brand Raga’s role extended beyond candidate promotion. The agency was instrumental in managing troll content, misinformation, and fake news for BJP Karnataka. By deploying advanced social media monitoring tools and a dedicated fact-checking team, Brand Raga swiftly addressed false narratives and disseminated accurate information. Their proactive content creation and real-time responses bolstered the credibility of BJP Karnataka’s campaign, mitigating the impact of harmful content and enhancing voter trust.

Driving Political Victory: How Belagavi's Brand Raga Powers BJP's Leaders to Success in Karnataka Shiv Mamadapur

Since 2018, Brand Raga has been a cornerstone in BJP Karnataka’s digital strategy, beginning with the development of the Janparashakthi manifesto. This ‘people-centric’ campaign involved over 200 events, extensive phone calls and messages, and significant social media outreach, contributing to the party’s success.

As digital media continues to permeate all aspects of life, Brand Raga’s innovative approach highlights the growing influence of social media on political perceptions and affiliations, particularly among younger generations. The agency’s success underscores the transformative power of digital strategies in modern political campaigns, firmly establishing Belagavi’s Brand Raga as a leader in the realm of political marketing.

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