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Newborn Girls Sold: Raid in Belagavi Leads to Five Arrests, Including Doctors

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A significant breakthrough was made by the Malmaruti police in Belagavi, as they successfully busted a case involving the sale of newborn girls. Five individuals, including a doctor, were apprehended in connection with this heinous crime. Among those arrested were Mahadevi, also known as Priyanka Bahubali Jain from Bailhongal, Dr. Abdulgafar Hussainsaab Ladkhan from Hanchinal in Saudatti, Chandan Subedar from Shigihali in Bailhongal, Pavitra Somappa Madiwalar from Sampagaon in Bailhongal, and Praveen Manjunath Madiwalar from Dharwad.

The investigation was initiated after Rajkumar Ningappa Rathod, the coordinator of the Government Adoption Center of the District Child Protection Department at Ramtirth Nagar, lodged a complaint with the Malmaruti Police Station. The complaint alleged that Mahadevi had purchased a one-month-old girl from Dr. Abdulgafar Hussainsaab Ladkhan for Rs. 60,000. Subsequently, the child was brought to Belagavi and sold for Rs. 1,40,000. Acting swiftly on this information, the police apprehended the suspects, with Mahadevi Jain being detained and the infant girl being admitted to the district hospital.

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In addition to Jain and Ladkhan, Chandan Subedar, Pavitra Madiwalar, and Praveen Madiwalar were also implicated in the crime and subsequently arrested. The case has been registered at the Malmaruti police station, with ongoing investigations to determine if more individuals are involved in this despicable racket. The arrested individuals are currently in custody and are being interrogated to gather more information about their illicit activities.

Authorities have emphasized that strict action will be taken against anyone found to be complicit in such

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