Drug racket busted – 8 arrested in Belagavi

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The Belagavi police have unearthed a drug racket in Belagavi and arrested 8 persons who were engaged in basically selling selling the drugs to college and school students.

Team led by ACP Barmani along with Malmaruti Inspector B R Gaddekar busted this drug racket.

Truck driver Akhil Ahemed Munavalli used to get drugs from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and Atif Chachdi, Salman Fateh Khan used to sell it in the market.

Another two Suraj Agasar and Amir Baig also used to supply drugs in small sachets to students from engineering and medical colleges.

drugs1.5 kg of Marijuana (Ganja), 4 mobiles, 2 bikes have been seized by the police from the accused.

The police also arrested Anikesh Madhumat had brought 650 grams of Ganja and was selling it to Samir Desai, Ramchandra Pawar near Bhartesh College Fort.

650 grams of Ganja and 126 grams of panni was seized from the accused.


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