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Marking for Belagavi Ring Road Soon

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Sources have confirmed that the personnel from NHAI will arrive in Belagavi today and would commence the marking for the Belagavi ring road soon.

Already the NHAI has issued notification for 675 hectares to be acquired which includes Fertile land where farmers are taking multiple crops.

Notices have been issued to get objections for the same in Yellur and Kanbargi and hearing on the same would commence from Friday. Around 30 objections have been received from Yellur but no one has objected from Kanbargi, sources said.

After the actual marking is done on the ground it would be clear as to who will be loosing how much of land. Already the farmers have opposed this and had denied permission for the survey earlier.
Now it is believed that the marking would be done under huge police presence.

ring-road-belagaviThe NHAI has issued a notification for the acquisition of land for the construction of the 4/6 lane (A) Belagavi Bypass (Western) tentatively from Km 9.500 (NH 4A) to Km 515.000 (NH 4) (22 Km) and (B) Belagavi Bypass (Eastern) from Km 515.000 (NH 4) to Km 492.000 (NH 4) (New NH 48) (33 Km) in the state of Karnataka.

The land in the following villages is planned to be acquired:

Bhutaramanahatti, Ramdurg, Halabhavi, Heggere, Bambarge, Handiganur, Mahalenahatti, Chalvenahatti, Kedanur, Mannikeri, Agasage, Kadoli, Jafarwadi, Devagiri, Alatage, Goundawad (Part), Honaga, Bendi, Sonatti, Dharanatti, Kenchanatti, Hudali, Otamadu,(Kabalapur), Kabalapur (Bharmyanatti), Karvinkumpi, Kalakhamb, Muchandi, Aste, Chandgad, Bekkinakeri, Attiwad, Maranhol, Gojage, Mannur, Ambewadi, Sulge (Uchagaon), Kallehol, Uchagaon, Basurte, Turamari, Bachi, Kudremani, Belgundi, Bokanur, Savagaon, Mandoli, Bijagarni, Kavlewadi, Rakaskop, Kiniye,Karle,Navage,Janewadi, Kuttalawadi,Santibastawad,Bahadarwadi,Ranakunde,Waghawade,Desur,Sulge (Yellur),Rajahansagad,Nandihalli,Nagenahatti,Zad -Shahapur,Dhamane S. Belgaum,Yaramale,Khanagaon (K.H.),Khanagaon (B.K),Balekundri (B.K),Balekundri (K.H),Nilaji,Shindoli (Part),Basarikatti,Mavinakatti,Chandanhosur,Tarihal,Mastamardi,Halaga,Bastawad,Shagana,atti, Kondaskoppa, Kamakarahatti, Kolikopp,Kakati (CT), Sambra (CT), Mutga, (CT), Benakanahalli, Kakati, Macche, Peeranwadi, Belagavi, Jumnal, Shindoli (CT), Gokulnagar, Thammanayakanahatti (Dhamane), Dhamane, Yellur (CT), Kanbargi.

Still no land has been acquired but notification has been made and objections have been called for after which the actual process of land acquisition and payment would commence.

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  1. I would like to know the exact location of the ring road starting in north and ending in south and whats furthermost points on east and west directions Simple words whether the road on North will start near Indal or beyond, similarly in south where it will cross Khanapur road or Chorla road and last on the Bagalkot road where will it bisect and Kanburgi road


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