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Caught using plastic bag? Be ready to pay fine from August

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From August if you choose to step out with a plastic bag in your hands, chances are you could be facing a Rs 500 fine.

The City Corporation which has already banned the use of plastic carry bags was readying to become stricter about enforcing the ban.

According to the article in the Sakal, If anyone is found to be using a plastic carry bag he could be fined Rs. 50 to 500.
Initially, the plastic carry bag would be confiscated and a cloth bag would be given and awareness would be created but after a fortnight in August, users of plastic carry bags would be fined Rs. 50 to 500.

plastic banHealth inspectors will be entrusted this job.
There is a 100% plastic ban in the city and periodic raids are conducted on shops who use plastic carry bags and fine is imposed.

Now the Corporation plans to go a step ahead with this from August.

8 thoughts on “Caught using plastic bag? Be ready to pay fine from August”

  1. Reality is that this idiots come every month.. to every bakery, stall etc… Next month without any fear this people keep plastic carry bags and enjoy thier life… People who take money enjoy ands who give money enjoy.. shame… That’s why we are still the developing country…

  2. Why can’t the authorities shut down that manufacturing companies who produce and marketed plastic bags…???

    Why they harassing common layman???


  3. The dealers and vendors who are found storing and supplying plastic bags should be fined with Rs 5000/- and they should be storing and selling cloth bags where they will get more profit then plastic bags.We as consumers should also avoid buying products from retailer who selling their products in plastic pouches and bags.

  4. Why pollution do not take action against plastic carry bags manufacturers . Why they are harrassing common people. First plastic manufacturing company should banned. Every time common people are facing problem. Pollution department should take action against those manufacturers who manufactures plastic carry bags and leave the common people.

  5. Everyone should understand their responsibility of not using polythenes. There are many people who do not take this matter seriously and use a lot of polythenes. And we also can not trust the cops that they will implement it properly.


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