Smart City with No Traffic Lights

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Belagavi was declared to be a part of the “100 Smart Cities Mission”. The astounding US $14 billion dollars have been allocated for this initiative, a project which will secure us a position among the developed nations.

But what have we achieved here in Belagavi over the past four years? Big changes start with little steps, but what if we never evolve from those little steps?

A city with a population bordering 5 lakhs faces critical traffic problems due to the absence of traffic signals in the busiest corners.

The RPD Cross in Tilakwadi is four-way crossroad linking Bhagyanagar, College Road and commercial stores like Reliance Trends, LensKart, Bata, Airtel, and many others. The absence of traffic lights results in a constant pandemonium of heavy loaded trucks, four wheelers, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

Traffic at RPD Cross at 5:30 pm on Monday
Traffic at RPD Cross at 5:30 pm on Monday

The two or three active traffic police personnel on site are sloppy and are usually busy with catching the riders without helmets. With an almost washed out zebra-crossing, the pedestrians must dodge past zooming vehicles. Senior citizens are often hit by ongoing bikers who lack respect and humanity.

But an unforeseen greater threat is of air pollution and noise. The constant blazing of horns and smoke emitted from vehicles stuck in the traffic pose a grave threat to the environment. The walkers-by inhale this very smoke. There are no trees alongside the road from Goaves Circle to third gate whatsoever. Are we so lost in the bigger picture that we have overlooked the effects?

The traffic police must increase manpower and not just look to profit out of lawbreakers. They must press upon authorities to install basic traffic lights at busy crossroads and be polite to people.

A single traffic police personnel at 5:30 pm on Monday
A single traffic police personnel at 5:30 pm on Monday

At the same time, the citizens of Belagavi are equally to blame as they lack an utter sense of traffic.

Everyone must respect each other’s rights on the road. Driving slowly at crossroads, giving way to pedestrians, avoiding honking altogether and following the traffic police orders are some of the minor steps that we can take to make an immediate impact. It is finally us who can make an actual change.

About the Author: Rahul Khatav penned down his thoughts who comes to Belagavi annually to see his grandparents.

6 thoughts on “Smart City with No Traffic Lights”

  1. Thank You Mr.Rahul Khatav for your comments on the traffic chaos and the absence of traffic signals/lights on most of the newly developed areas of Belagavi city. As visitors (including myself) to this memorable city, let us hope that better counsels prevail in future amongst the general vehicular public of Belagavi City,which is to be a part of the SMART CITY MISSION OF INDIA……

  2. Frankly unless all people and the authorities start thinking the way you and I think we will never see the belgaum city SMART as is being dreamt.
    For example
    1. The new railway over bridge which is in use for last about 6 or 8 months has already started giving way. Is that the quality we expect of the contractors and the authorities? Absolutely no commitment from any one of them. Waste of money I must say the taxes which we pay are misused. Similar is the experience of the cementing of Congress road and other roads.
    And we citizens don’t at all question them.
    2. We so called educated citizens, who call ourselves responsible people don’t at all realise that by not following the lane system while driving, and stopping at the level crossing, blocking both the lanes on both the sides create more confusion and delay to all of us including self.
    3. Driving cars and riding two wheelers the wrong side, one ways or wrong lanes risking lives of self and others.

    There are so many of such instances and incidences where we exhibit our narrow mindedness, confused mind and cheap mindset.

    I don’t think this all can ever change in our country INDIA. I have lost Hope’s completely.

  3. Gm brother so nice of u …u r right people should unity n fight to solve all city problmes really it has become hectic

  4. Administration of would be smart city are very SMART
    They know the consequences of introducing traffic signals at such busy junctions
    Signal will create long ques on the street whichever is RED rather STOP sign
    Roads need to be planned in a manner suitable for signal lights
    ROOT CAUSE ANALYSISIN has to be done
    But here is no time for all this!!!!


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