Duplicate ATM card fraudsters caught

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Two students from Sangli’s Engineering college were caught in Belagavi after they were caught red handed withdrawing money from an ATM using a duplicate or Cloned ATM card.

Their modus operandi was very hi tech as they used to place a camera in the atm and a some strip near the machine which capuured the data and the PIN was seen by the camera. Then the duo used to get this data and create duplicate ATM cards and withdraw money.

atm-cloneAkshay Revnkar and Akash Ghorpade both arrested are from Sangli.
The Shahpur Police station has registered a case and duo has been sent to jail. The incident came to light after the security guard informed about some strip to the Bank management and then the police caught them red handed withdrawing money from the ATM.

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  1. These are called ATM skimmers. The criminals add an extra plastic entity to the ATM which has a strip reader which reads all data on the ATM card. A chip and pin card makes this difficult to do.


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