Naviours give push to a greener Belagavi

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Each one is now speaking about conservation of water and planting of more trees for a better Tomorrow, but actually how many act on this? But a group of teens have come together under the banner of “Naviours” and have accomplished something which is very uncommon for their age.

naviour belagavi tree planting
These teens ranging from ages
12 to 20 years have planted over 900 saplings at various locations in Belagavi city all by themselves. Yes they dig the pit and plant the saplings of various nature like fruit bearing, curry leaves to Plumeria (Chafa). They have a team of 60 members of which a few survey the areas and then the team plants the saplings. Once a sapling is planted a sticker is put on the house so that it can be identified by the team later.

naviour belagavi tree planting naviour belagavi tree planting Their aim is to plant more than 5000 trees and help in restoring the ecological balance. They go door to door ask and inform each household if they can plant a tree and take a promise that they will look after the sapling and water it.
 young , bubbling, enthusiastic NAVIOURS who have spent their holidays in such a noble way must get a big thumbs up. They have met the Forest department on their own, got the saplings on their own and have planted the same. The group starts the work at 10.30 AM and goes on till 5.30 PM.

naviour belagavi tree planting Smt.Meera Gokral said, “A proud feeling engulfed me when I saw the fervour with which these youngsters worked with their tools and planted the sapling at my house.”

The Naviours have already covered Sadashiv nagar, Hanuman Nagar, Nanwadi, parts of Tilakwadi and Adarsh nagar.
If you also want to be part of this green initative do call them and be part. You could help them in many ways than one, like get them saplings, help them get them or the easiest but the best call them to say you are ready to Adopt a Sapling; they would be happy to come and plant a sapling for you with a promise from you.

You can contact Naviours on Contact- 7767958004 / 9901310062

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