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Dusty roads a problem for motorists

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The roads in Belagavi have turned from bad to worse following rains.

The Smart city tag which is mere a tag on paper it seems as after the rains the roads have become a dusty and commuting on them especially on two wheelers is a major issue for motorists.

Congress Road

Several roads in the town have been in tatters due to various reasons and some of the potholes have been filled with mud and the loose soil is now dusty and sometimes the motorists cant even see the vehicle in the front on Congress road near Shivteerth and even near Dharmveer Sambhaji circle.

Motorists rue that travelling on the potholed roads filled with sand has become a horrible experience. They said that they are suffering from breathing problems and reaching their workplace covered in dust.

Faisal said, “Let the elected representatives, travel on motorcycles instead of cars to feel the plight of motorists,”.

It was high-time that the authorities fill the potholes on the roads properly which will not cause health problems to motorists.

2 thoughts on “Dusty roads a problem for motorists”

  1. Mr Editor,
    You have chosen the right topic which i have experienced today…
    Citizens plz comment on this on SM on all platforms ..
    JAN ANDOLAN is required …

  2. “The Smart city tag which is mere a tag on paper”
    Well Belgaum has been chosen for the Smart city project specifically for this purpose. It is NOT Smart now. We have to tackle all the issues like this to make it actually a SMART city for all of us to live in.


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