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MP Angadi Seeks suggestions regarding Roads – Citizens flood their concerns

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MP Suresh Angadi in his Facebook post said “ I wish to ask you, the people, your concerns regarding roadways and bridges within Belgaum. I would like you to leave your opinions in the comments and I will look into them. I wish to connect with you directly and understand your needs better so that I may be able to carry on with my work towards your well being.”

angadi-road Some Comments made by citizens on MP’s profile and also on the same post shared by AAB –

Shriniwas M Katti – Sir, please go round Belagavi city and u will have first hand information or our smart city roads !

Vikram H Hosur – Mr. MP sir, We want you to make Belgaum the first place where departments talk to each other. The roads is not the main problem. It is that the other departments dig it the very next day. Why cannot they talk to each other. Coordinate. Share their plans and save cost and effort.
When we say SMART CITY, it must be the people of the city who are smart and not the buildings and roads. If the officials behave as though it is not their duty to talk to various departments and work only what their designation tells them means the tag SMART CITY is a foolish thing to recognize with.
I wish you understand the importance of this because you may make a road or a bridge. But there will be some Gutka-spitting JCB- crazy guy ready to demolish it.
Hope you fix that and then the roads because then it would have no meaning to it!

Vijay Kanbur – Its all about Roads, City bus services, Auto Rikshaw meters, drinking water, Railway gates…these are perinial issues. I am sure you being MP is aware of all these issues, if not pl talk to MLA, Corporators and your own party workers who live in Belgaum city. Take a round of city without informing any will see the real face Belagavi. Good Luck. Appreciate your initiative. Hope it continues.

Behror Sharma Umeshसर याद करिये अक्टूबर 2012 जब बेलगावि विधानसभा का उद्घाटन करने महामहिम राष्ट्रपति श्री प्रणव मुखर्जी बेलगावि आये थे। उस समय साम्ब्रा एयरपोर्ट से लेकर सिटी तक इस रोड के सभी बेहिसाब बैरियर्स को समतल कर दिया गया था ताकि इस रोड पर वाहन सुचारू रूप से चल सकें।
वर्तमान में यह रोड अतिव्यस्त है । हालाँकि इस रोड की resurfacing की गयी है पर अनगिनत बेतरतीब बैरियर्स बना दिए गए हैं जो दुर्घटना रोकने की जगह , दुर्घटना बढ़ाने का सबब बन गए हैं।
इसके साथ ही दूरी तय करने में देरी भी बढ़ गयी है। यानि इस रोड का काम सकारात्मक नहीं कहा जा सकता है और सबसे खराब रोड में से यह पहले नम्बर पर है।
कृपया एक्सपर्ट्स से सलाह ली जाकर इसका पूरा मुआयना करवाया जावे तथा बेतरतीब बैरियर्स को हटाकर उनकी जगह हाइवे के स्टैण्डर्ड के मुताबिक ही सीमित संख्या में और specifications के अनुसार ही रोड बैरियर्स बनवाये जावें।

Prashant Dhongadi – Sir it would be really great if we get flyovers and multi level parking facilities in the city quickly it is becoming a nightmare for four wheelers to park and move in the city the traffic is so congested and a traffic signal near Goaves circle will help a lot

LV Srinivasan – Zero work in name of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan in Benkanahalli Panchayat limits. No dustbins, No garbage collection or disposal system. People forced to burn litter in open. That too not possible in rainy season. 4 years back 7 people died of Gastroenteritis.

Padmaja Kulkarni – Belagavi is selected under ” Smart city Project.”. But it is felt — due to political thinkings, actions are / will not be completed within stipulated time, .
2) bargaining of commissions must not be there,
3)Do not waste the released amount. Proper records must be maintained,.
4) All works should be impartial; transparent to Public. Use high quality materials and complete the works as per time schedule. The released amount should not go back due to delay of implementations. The concerned officers must be held responsible & accountable for any lapse
5) No political influence must affect the implementation of Projects under Smart City Scheme. NO KANNADA MARATHI QUARREL; ETC. ONLY DEVELOPMENT OF CITY MUST BE THE GOAL.

Ishwar Kumbar – Pls sir once u visit the road in front of Kle engineering college ,which connect Anagol and BEMCO ..which is terribly filled with pot holes ,and full water log..It has been 3yrs that on a same pot holes i take turns n move to college..

Sachinkumar Kashannavar – Sir if u want to visit desperately the worst road behind hindalga ganapati near kedari industries towards kle school its under BJP MLA. May be the next time in election the people r fed of with the road and patch work. If u really wants to do this then only I feel u r working for public it else. ….u took.?

Mahesh Avati – Sir. Dust n potholes on roads is a major concern. Have a ride on motorcycle on bogarves n congress rd in between 10 am to 7pm.

Harish Bachikar Belgav – instead of asking people whats the condition of roads and bridges in belgaum just take a long drive from belgaum entrance i.e, kle road then travel in city so whole scenario will be infront of u r personnel eyes.

Sumit Chachadi – That’s a good initiative if it is true!
1. The quality of roads. While efforts are done to construct the roads, not similar efforts are taken towards maintaining them. Protection from rains is one factor to consider. Rains are asphalt’s greatest enemies and I leave it to your engineers to figure out how to deal with it.
2. Erosion. One heavy day of rain and whole of belgaum’s mud is on road. In place where I live, there is a law to mandatory grow grass lawns in every empty area. The owners of the land are required to maintain it and govt takes care of the remaining area. I understand, such a method at city level is hard. But any efforts would yield fruitful results!
3. Autos. Why are they still so corrupt and overpricing? where are your cops who are required to take care of it? Yeah, the same cops who are ever ready to catch someone without a helmet!

Jeev An – It’s very good initiative by our MP to understand citizens concerns through social media. Through social media you can connect with more people and understand real concerns. If you resolve issues raised in this forum or team then people of this city will really appreciate you as a leader of beautiful city Belgaum. Requesting you to visit Ramteerth Nagar once now and check the conditions of roads. Day by day they are becoming like swimming pools. Instead of doing patch work every year and spending lakhs please make a cement road which will last for longer time. Your help is very much appreciated

Rahul Ravindra – Recently due to heavy rains n flow of water from maratha colony water accumulated in indraprastha nagar(behind raghavendra swamy mutt).. residents had complained to corporation commissioner before rains started…. wen the commissioner visited the residents he informed that the nala running adjesant to the railway over bridge is clogged… no tender is taken out to clean it for past 2 yrs…. moreover the nala is not built on sides… commissioner arrogantly said to residents that all residents r paying taxes to tune of max 10 lakhs n u expect us to carry out work which might exceed dat amt… its ridiculous…. how could such a person of his cadre talk such nonsense… however the nal is cleaned now but water still gets clogged… n regarding condition of indraprastha colony internal roads is same as rest of belgaum…. all elected MP’S MLA’S PEOPLE R WATCHING UR DEVELOPMENT… ull all get ur marks card in next election….

Sateesh TP – Sir, Papamala residential area is not having road connectivity to neighboring Nanawadi and Chowgulewadi. Proper roads will make life of hundreds of families easy. People also feel unsafe and disturbed because of firing range. Shifting of firing range will be of great help for thousands of families residing around. We thank you for your initiative and once again request you to help us as early as possible. Best Regards

Vijay Bhagwat – I think you should hold one public meeting, call the people and note down the grievances. You can put your work done in last 2 years ( if at all done ) and hear from them what they expect from you .

Rohan Samaji- 1) construct grade seperater @ 1st gate , 2nd gate and 3rd gate .
2) construct another ROB ( railway bridge) beside of old bridge near railway station.
3) plan for time schedule for heavy traffic. Means no entry from 9Am to 9 Pm compulsory on NH4 A city limit.
4) construct fly over from sankam hotel to killa lake.
5) construct pedestrian subway at bogarves , fish market , near railway station on NH4 A
6) ROB @ old PB road.

Sanjeev YK – Ring road is need of the day. Then improvement of roads, new bus stand, ROB, flyover, better water supply system, rickshaws by meter, improving rail infra-Belgaum-dharwad, belgaum-sawantwadi, kolhapur,, improving air connectivity are some of the priority tasks one always dreams in a Smart City. Pls pay attention to well being of belgaum CiTiZen. Belgaum the pride of India.

Kashinath Koppad – Complete Ramtheert Nagar From enters of auto Nagar roads are very worst condition , In Ramtheert Nagar many plays schools are there and almost Kidd’s are traveling in school auto and the rods are horrible to travel’s very much dangerous . I request you from all the Ramtheert Nagar people need the road as soon as possible.

Sudheer Kulkarni – Good initiative.First of all one more railway over bridge near railway station as there is huge traffic and the existing one is century old. sir Opening of passport office in Belagavi.

DrSomashekhar Guravannavar – RAILWAY OVER BRIDGE traffic problem, in the afternoon it’s very difficult to pass there because of Trucks from Goods shed takes turn at the end of bridge that halt the traffic, instead if trucks are asked to take turn at Goaveys circle that will decongest the traffic there. Traffic police never found only for fining or for collection they are found on road.

Manoj Manu – In anand nagar 2nd cross vadgaon rods are not proper that also mud roads in this rainy season people cant move from this way it is too much big problem to us .we informed many times to MLA sambhji patil he not tqking care of this from last 3 years .last month Abhay patil sir senctioned streat lamp ,so we thank them .sir could u pls issue the roads in our area .

Amrut Talukar – Hello sir….u r doing good job. those people have problem they msg here and solve u need optimization. my suggestion is to come out from problem…better u arrange a meeting for all corporates and give work them to ask problems in their ward. so that each problem will be solved very clearly and perfectly.

Dr-Vijaykumar Marakatti – Plz repair or construct all roads of belgaum city ! All roads have gone bad completely ! I would be happy if you show any road in Belgaum city which is good in condition !

Raghavendra Hanabar – Belagavi city bus stand, Even after being second capital of Karnataka state, bus stand looks pathetic.

Surendra Prakash – SIR, Congress Road becomes like Congress at present, please arrange to repair it Sir….

Shivasharan Shivayogimath – Shivabasavanagar 2nd sector all internal roads are not reworked from last 10 years

Sukumar Ghattad – Sir, I really appreciate your move to develop the city……… as you know belagavi gets heavy rain fall every year, so to avoid pathetic conditions of the roads every year, why can’t you construct concrete road in all heavy traffic area and roads of belagavi. Because concrete is water friendly… So please think on it instead of just wasting the public money every year patching the same road.

Rahul Patil – sir its a humble request to make roads in vaibhav nagar 4th cross. these is no road n its very dangerous to even walk.

Sushant Vernekar – Respected Sir, you know everything. Why comments from us ? We expect lot of things from you. We know your limitations also. Hope BJP will deliver good things.

Anand Dodawad – Facebook Is Not A Way To Ask All Things. First Visit All The Taluks Of Belagaum Dist…Bailhongal Is One Of The Historic Place….Ntg Is Good In Tat Place…No Doctors In Govt Hosp…..Compare.To.Gokak Ntg In Blh….So Do Sm.Work You To Do The Needful.Specially Roads N Lights….Since Many Years Ur Working As A Mp….Wt U Did For Blh…..Wt Mla.Did For Blh…..? Am.Alwys Support Bjp…..Hard Work Gives Success…….From Blh…..

7 thoughts on “MP Angadi Seeks suggestions regarding Roads – Citizens flood their concerns”

  1. Humble request to you sir there is no road in Tarihal bhavani Nagar so many people struggle to go there home in raini season road full slushy can’t go out side emergency at least make it by ordering as possible as soon early that road connect to kamakaratti Highway NH4

  2. Sir two important links are necessary 1)halaga to Desur I.e to join NH 4 and NH 4 A 10 km about 100 Cr project with highway authority of India 2) sambra to Bagewadi by pass which joins Raichur road to N H 4 The two projects will solve all the traffic problems of city

  3. Dear Sir, the 2 major service roads(North, near Hindalco and south, Gandhi Nagar) exiting from NH4 are in a bad condition. A city like Belagavi doesn’t deserve such roads. This is the first impression a person gets about the city.NHAI officials to be blamed for making such narrow entrances which see huge traffic. These roads should be remodeled and circles should be provided at the exit points.

  4. Dear Shri. Suresh Angadi avare,

    First & Foremost. !Where are the Ward Committees .? We need to implement the 73rd & 74th amendments of our constitution in letter & spirit. We need decentralization of power & governance. Only with people’s participation we can slowly find the solutions for all the problems that we people have listed above. Why was your party silent on the draft rules for the formation of ward committees.? The latest rules notified by the Urban Development Department are not encouraging. There is need to amend the “KMC(Karnataka Municipal Corporations) Act” to in order to have truly democratic & effective ward committees. We (Loksatta Party) had met & submitted our recommendations to the UDD Secretary Shri.T Anil Kumar in Bengaluru, but none of our recommendations were considered in the final rules notified. Its my humble request to you and your party to propose amendments in the KMC Act to bring transparency and increase people’s participation in decision making.


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