Belgaums UPSC success


Two lads from Belgaum have passed Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009 MAITREY KULKARNI of Saraf Colony Belgaum and AKASH SHANKAR CHOUGULE of Belgundi have passed with flying colors. MAITREY KULKARNI is a gold medalist of VTU in Mechanical engineering and did his college engineering from GIT. His secured 103rd place and is interested in joining the IFS. Akash Chougule is from Belgundi and did his schooling from Marathi Vidyaniktean and later from Jyoti College. He is from Marathi medium and still he has achieved this fete, he secured 393rd rank.


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  1. Mr. Kulkarni and akash have achieved a remarkable success in their life to motivate belgaumians. Congrs both of you

  2. Its better if you can provide us with blog links of Mr.Kulkarni. Its very helpful for Belgaumites like me who want to try their luck at civils…

  3. I am friend of Akash Chougule, He has studied lot and one more thing he is from Marathi medium and suffered lot to become IAS officer……….I heartly congrats ………..Akash…………………..Raviraj

  4. Congrats to Both of you!
    Infact the achievement of both of you has brought great laurel to our sweet town.

  5. hey..congratulations to both the lads..the story is an inspiration for the GITIANS like me and also to the others that our senior has done feels great and motivates us to do such an effort and achieve success.hope that these lads cotinue their good serving the nation

  6. Some great news. Hope folks from BGM entering the Civil services will bring laurels to themselves and BGM and also do their bit in developing BGM as a model city if they get a chance to serve this part of state/country.

  7. AAB ! I definietly appriciate your efforts in providing us Belgaum news but I as a Belgaumite want to have a unbiased. Well thanks for clarifying your point. Its nice to hear you don't have problem with language and hope u maintain it and display the same through your bloging and actions.

  8. Congrats Belgaumites..!!!
    I dont understand why again language creeps in here..Infact AAB seems to be the one provoking…

    • Mr.Rajeev you have some problem with the manner in which u read the matter. A student coming from a vernacular language passes with flying colours in UPSC exams should be an example to others and not a matter of provoking language bias. One of the students was from English medium so no mention to that was made.
      Keep reading it as news and dont try to come on conclusions on your own. I have no problem with any language, but you seem to have.


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