Bhutramatti PG center will be university


After several protests and rallies done by KRV and other Kanada organisations, CM BSY today announced this on the floor of the assembly that Veer Rani Kittur Channama PG center at Bhutrammarti will be converted into a independent university which will serve Belgaum district.

This is a welcome step for Belgaumites as another university in the city, VTU already exists.


Speaking to the blog, Rajeev Toppannavar of KRV said that this is victory of Belgaum and once this university starts all students of Belgaum district will be benefited.

KRV celebrating


  1. Well done….. Rajeev….
    We need more active participation from KRV to fight for Belgaum's development……

  2. This a gud example of when some one fights for a gud cause…everybody likes and everybody gets benefited.

    Keep it up…guyz.

  3. True, Mr. CM's assurances should be taken with a pinch of salt. But if the university materialises then it will be boon to Belgaum district and yet another feather on the cap of the city. But the jurisdiction of the university should extend beyond Belgaum district- other districts like Uttar Kannada or Bagalkot or Bijapur should be brought under this university.

  4. I cant beleive this, its awosome……………………

    Hip Hip hurreeeeee
    let us enjoy this moment as a education capitol,

  5. Great going KRV,,,, Keep it up,,,,,

    rock on…………… 🙂

    Hope everyone contributes towards better Belagaavi,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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