RFID tracking tags for students in school


This could set off a controversy over freedom and privacy but the students of Love Dale Central School will have to wear a radio frequency tag around their necks so that schools and parents can keep track of them all day. A ‘pioneering’ practice, perhaps, since more animals than people have been marked out for tracking until now.

The card called Keeptrack will have all the information at regular intervals be sent as an SMS as when he or she left school. At school the same mechanism will will serve as an identity card and help keep tabs on attendance, academic performance as well as movements.


The school says that the system is affordable and was needed for children’s safety and security given the long distances they have to commute to get to school and back home.

How it works: Students wear the RFID device — a card with a chip and a unique identification tag — around their neck. A reader installed at the school records a student’s arrival, and subsequent movements, passing it on to a central computer. Messages are then generated automatically and sent to parents and others.



  1. I think this is an interesting idea. Belgaum is leading in technology, heartening to know. I am all for it. And I dont think it is only for people who travel by bus…some miscommunication, I guess.

  2. I think its a good start.

    Attendance (via name roll-call) has always been an established practice in schools. This system just seems to automate the same process, where is the privacy issue?

    Also, I believe it will save time for teachers since they will no longer need to take manual attendance and can focus time saved on teaching.

    • TEACHERS are still doing attendence manually.School is trying to get money somethingor other way.Junk school.Junk principal

  3. it is bit interesting can you let us know the prices and its appearnace how it looks, since it is something new.

  4. this is really funny. when children grow up wat will the say to their next generation about how they travelled from home to school n back.this is nothing but to make money. we are really lucky not to have those belts(badge).

  5. This is a huge privacy issue.

    It is also an issue that is being forced on parents by a politician out of control & out to satisfy his personal vanity at the expense of parents. No parents were consulted before this system was forced upon them. Best of all, this nonsensical system works only if your child travels in Love Dale's school bus. Then the question is – do children get lost in the school?


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