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Election expenses of elected MLAs of Belgaum

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Karnataka election watch and ADR have released a report on the election expenses incurred by each candidate.

Each candidate was entitled to spend Rs.16 lakhs.

NameBelgaumPartyExpense incurred on Public Meetings and ProcessionsExpense incurred on Campaigning through electronic/print mediaExpense incurred on Campaign WorkersExpense incurred on Vehicles UsedExpense incurred on Campaign Materials and Erection of gates, arches, banners etcTotal expense declared
SANJAY B PATILRuralBJP3,690 3 Thou+2,35,320 2 Lacs+29,000 29 Thou+3,55,200 3 Lacs+2,07,380 2 Lacs+10,15,822 10 Lacs+
FAIROZ NURUDDIN SAITHNorthINC81,030 81 Thou+1,45,100 1 Lacs+1,13,525 1 Lacs+1,55,770 1 Lacs+2,09,958 2 Lacs+8,16,598 8 Lacs+
Sambhaji PatilSouthMES/ IND2,71,190 2 Lacs+2,15,384 2 Lacs+1,200 1 Thou+1,69,133 1 Lacs+66,728 66 Thou+**7,73,425 7 Lacs+


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