Electoral Rolls of Delimited Assembly Constituencies of Belgaum published: belgaum north,belgaum south & belgaum rural


love dale belagavi

Electoral Rolls of Delimited Assembly Constituencies of Belgaum published as on 29-03-2008.

sonali sarnobat belagavi

Belgaum North

Belgaum South

Belgaum Rural

Click on the links Above to search for your name in your constituency. If you dont know in which constitunecy you fall into then read this below post for details.


Trinity Belagavi


  1. Well Belgaumite, Sorry but there is no other language available on the internet. May be the same electrol rolls are published in marathi or Kannada at the time of elections i guess.
    Anyways did u find your name in it, I found mine

  2. What about those of us who cannot read kannada? Another one of the these kannadiappa’s schemes to keep Marathi voters at bay.

    Isnt there a rule that in areas with non kannada majority, official documents should be in two languages.

    JAI HIND!!


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