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Encroachment removed in Khade Bazar

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All of a sudden the City corporation is awaken and are on a demolition spree of the encroachments on the gutter and in front of the shops in Khade Bazar.

The Anti encroachment team commenced its work from CBT circle and demolished encroachments made by the shop keepers on the gutters etc.

encroach khade bazarIt was noticed that many shop owners were keeping their stocks also on the road whioch even after widening still looks very small.

The hawkers were also removed during this drive.

1 thought on “Encroachment removed in Khade Bazar”

  1. Now the demolition is done. To efficiently use of the widened road government should make proper footfath so pedestrian can use it and it’ll also provide guidance for motor cycle parking. Authorities should ensure there is no illegal encroachment of the footpath space. When all this is ensured then and only then road widening will solve the purpose of smooth flow of traffic on Belgaum roads. Let’s all belgaumites do thier part to make the traffic flow smooth by just behaving as a responsible citizens.


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