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Erratic water supply ire’s citizens: no water for over 9 days

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The govt has planned it big that all the 58 wards of the City corporation will receive 24 x 7 water and hence the entire management has now been transferred to L & T which has won the contract for the implementation of the 24 x 7 water supply.

During the festival time itself still, many areas haven’t received water supply. Initially, there was some technical issue at Hidkal, then the employees went on a strike as they were not paid and hence no work happened.

Then MLA Benake intervened and promised that they would get their dues to let the festival get over and requested all to get back to work.

All went back to work but the supply of water has been very erratic.

Imagine no water supply for 9 days in areas like Majagon, Chidambar Nagar, Ramtirth Nagar, Jadhav Nagar, Samgameshwar Nagar (7 days), Anand Nagar, Yellur road, Mahantesh nagar shivateerth colony, SARAF GALLI SHAHAPUR, Shivabasav nagar sector no 3 (7 days), Shahu Nagar to name a few.

Even in the 10 wards in which there is a 24 x 7 water supply, even their supply has been erratic.

The water tanker suppliers however made brisk business as during this month the average demand is 4-5 tankers a day but now it has gone upto 15 tankers and even more.


Currently, the entire water supply is being overlooked by Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) Karnataka Urban Water Supply Modernization Project (KUWSMP) Office of the Superintending Engineer Project Implementation Unit 1″ Floor, Corporation Shopping Complex, Goaves, Hindwadi, Belagavi- 590 011. Phone : 0831 — 2462933, Fax : 0831 — 2422833 E — mail : [email protected].

L & T is the contractor which has won the contract now for setting up the 24 x7 water supply under the KUIDFC.

Even after a month of taking over, the new management hasn’t been able to set right the water supply, God only knows what will happen next.

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  1. Water is one of the basic need of survival. ( Air, water and food). Whoever is responsible for creating this crisis needs to wakeup and take the necessary steps in supplying the water.

  2. No mention of Basavan Kudachi which is also suffering…? For years Basavan Kudachi seems to have been treated as a distant village having no connection with Belagavi City though it’s Ward 48 (earlier Ward 58) in the City Corporation.. Even more distant wards and even unauthorized settlements get better treatment and attention. It’s time the authorities paid some attention to this ward instead of developing & redeveloping some areas simply because they are better heard of City localities. Attention to Wards such as Basavan Kudachi may also contribute to decongesting the City ..

  3. That’s what when the survey was done on 24 hours water supply, I laughed a lot on the person and said to him first try your luck to supply water daily atleast 2 hours than you think further
    The survey was joke on indians ,
    this can only happen in india


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