Even after a year, Kidwai hospital at Belagavi makes no progress

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The proposal to construct Kidwai Cancer Hospital (Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology) at Vadgaon Belagavi has been pending for some time.

Last year, the Commissioner of the Health Department held a press conference at the Belagavi and announced that the construction of the hospital would be started within a month. However, even after a year, the construction of the hospital has yet to begin.

Famed for its cancer treatment, Kidwai Hospital in Bengaluru has been searching for an alternative location. MLA Abhay Patil suggested the alternative of Vadgaon, stating that there is a government open space in the area of ​​the primary health center and a hospital can be set up at this place. Although it has been approved in principle, it has not been sealed. Consequently, the health department is now looking for an alternative site.

A branch of this hospital was planned to be started in Belagavi. However, the said proposal has been delayed. There is a primary health center in Vadgaon and there is an open government seat there. Kidwai hospital was proposed to be built there, but recently the health department has been searching for an alternative site.

Kidwai Institute of Oncology

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, while presenting the budget in February 2022, allocated Rs 50 crore for Kidwai Hospital in Belagavi. However, no action has been taken even after that. Moreover, there is no movement in that direction. If the construction of the hospital is completed, it will provide great convenience to the patients in the region.

Better treatment will be available at more affordable rates. Additionally, this hospital will help to alleviate the medical burden on Kidwai Hospital in Bangalore. A plan of Rs 130 crore has been devised for the hospital, with Rs 50 crore allocated in the initial phase.

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