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Excess charging of parking fee Gross violation of terms of contract in Cantonment Board

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In the new year the Cantonment board has awarded the contract for collection of parking fee at various places in Cantonment to Universal Security agencies, Hubli.

See the receipt below, it clearly says Rs.30 but does not mention any time limit, where the image below the ticket clearly mentions the time period and the fare of Rs.20 for four hours and Rs.10 for 2 hours.
But a flat a fee of Rs.30 is collected for 4 hours.cant-parking belagavi

The same receipt is being issued else where and Rs.30 are being collected, but where is this Rs.30 FARE mentioned in the tender document ?
The highest bidder was awarded the contract in this case Universal Security agencies, Hubli who had bid Rs.38,51,000.

bogarves-parkNot only this there is gross violation of terms mentioned in the agreement which AAB has got access to and some major points from them are –

A rate board containing clear information about the parking rates will be displayed by the licencee in the parking areas.
No licensee will be allowed to charge exorbitant rates other than official parking rates. If anyone is found charging more than the official rates, he will be penalised with a fine upto Rs. 10,000/-. If he breaches the terms and conditions in this regard more than two times, then his licence will be cancelled and security deposit will be forfeited.

The parking hours and parking charges shall be displayed on the rate board as approved by the BCB
This may kindly be noted that entire responsibility of safety & security of parking lots lies with the parking contractor. All measures like frisking of vehicles, underneath with inverted mirror and it’s boot with the help of hand handled metal detector to be done by the contractor for each and every vehicles entering into the parking lot.
Licensee have to be courteous to the General public and as well as to the staff of the Cantonment Board. Any misconduct or misbehavior on their part, towards the General public or servants of the Board shall be viewed seriously and their licence will be cancelled without any compensation.

The fees should be collected only at places earmarked for the purpose as indicated in the map annexed to this tender Schedule.

None of the above terms are being fulfilled nor the charges nor the security. The agreement clearly states “entire responsibility of safety & security of parking lots lies with the parking contractor” then how is it that on the receipt “Any vehicle lost at owners risk.”

No boards are put up anywhere in the cantonment nor by the contractor nor by the authorities which mention clearly the time and the fees, WHY ?

So are we people just going to sit quiet and get looted ? If the Cantonment cant act for the welfare of the citizens the citizens themselves must ask the contractor to show the Agreement copy or you can get it online or just see it here.

Dont get Looted Stand up and Ask it is your money ?

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  1. I normally refuse to pay to any contractor if I don’t find a public board put up, irrespective of whether it is contonment or coporation.

    I just simply say, I bought this land last night and I am he owner, he reacts and says he is the contracter, I say proof???


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