Jewellers protest PAN card rule

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Jewellers in the city took out a candlelight march in the city against the Centre’s recent move making PAN card mandatory for buying jewellery worth more than Rs. 2 lakh.

jeweler pan cardThe jewellery association claimed there has been a drop in transactions over the past fortnight. They dubbed the norm, which came into force on January 1, as impractical as the country has issued only 22.3 crore PAN cards till date. They said it was unfair to expect the industry to cater to only a cross-section of society.

Also filling Form 60 for transactions above 5 lakhs was unnecessary.

7 thoughts on “Jewellers protest PAN card rule”

  1. Logically it sense Correct that “The country has issued only 22.3 crore PAN cards till date”.
    If the Govt doesn’t issues PAN card then from where can the people show the card.
    First the Govt to provide PAN cards for everyone, then implement the rules.
    Its like the Govt asking me to have my DL compulsory for driving & then keeping the RTO Office Closed.

    • You should know when you are having an income, that I am liable to show my returns.

      Common sense is required. Sunday I had debate with my friend. We say in foreign country government provides good quality healthcare, transport, education. But one thing is they pay they their taxes without any hesitation.

      In INDIA a person earning even 3 lakh per month says he does not have income.

  2. In a way it is correct that PAN is mandatory . But sufficient time should be given and in the mean time , Aadhar or some other identity card should be allowed . Govt s effort to check black money should be supported by every Citizen . But Govt being torchbearer , should bring in total transparency and accountability before asking Citizen to come clean . Why even after almost 68 years of Independence our Country is still a Developing Country . Is it not the responsibility of Govt and elected persons to make sure India shines ? Why do we hear , read , see so many cases of corruptions day in day out ? Let Citizen come together to ask accountability for Govt revenue , how much is collected and how much is spent and how Citizen are benefitted . Let us hope India shines .


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