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Facebook AllaboutBelgaum has 202 fans

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4 thoughts on “Facebook AllaboutBelgaum has 202 fans”

  1. Dear sir,
    congrats on your achievement sir am very happy with your job.
    am still waiting your visit to my store please

  2. Off late i have been visiting Belgaum regularly. It is known for its foundries and Hydraulics. It has about 125 foundries small and big. Also it has great talent in machining of crankshafts. What i don't like is politicians creating trouble on the langauge issue. People speak both Kannada and Marathi. You get good medical education there thanks to Kore families. I find the common people praising the karnataka Government, for the quality of roads there.

    A senior of mine in KREC ( now NITK, Surathkal ) is sphearheading NITK alumini association. It is the most active association .


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