My failure to summit a peak helped me reach Gangotri – Dr. Kiran Khot

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Dr. Kiran Khot, BAMS MD who has a clinic and also teaches at a college and is a trekking and fitness enthusiast had failed to climb a peak during his trekking last year in Sikkim. From that day he took this failure as a stepping stone for his journey further and recently finished the Gangotri, Goumukh, Nandanvan,Tapovan,Vasuki Taal And Meru Glacier Himalayan Trek.


Part of a 13 member group, and lone person from Belagavi he was one of the 7 who successfully completed the high altitude Himalayan trek of 4880 meters (15300 feet approximately).

My Failure to summit a peak last year was my biggest motivation to take up this trek

Speaking to AAB, Kiran said,

The journey was not easy, I had to do 3 hour’s exercise every day, which included both cardio, strength training and Yoga for a minimum of three months. The day I failed to summit the peak in Sikkim I had decided I will again take up the challenge and may what come complete it.

The journey through the Himalayan peaks was an experience of a life time. En-route one gets stunning views of peaks that pose challenge to mountaineers such as Mount shivling, Thalay Sagar, Meru, And Bhagirathi I,II ,III.

He began from Gangotri moved along trek towards Chirbassa on tree line. The terrain after Chirbassa, becomes really desolate and barren. It has been referred as Arctic Tundra by many trekkers and entire trail passes through dense forest which is amazing.

The panoramic view of Bhagirathi group of peaks is enchanting and the group approached. Goumukh is where the water of Ganga trickles down from the glaciers. The trek From Gomukh to Tapovan is ascent Steep , and as they climb, the view of the surrounding peaks becomes clearer. Tapovan is known for its beautiful meadows that encircle the base camp of Shivling peak.

After a brief halt to explore Meru Glacier, they trekked back to Nandanvan via Goumukh glacier. The glacier walk is very slippery and a slight lack of concentration would be dangerous. Huge crevasses gaped here and there.

Chaturangi glacier to reach Vasuki taal, a beautiful base of Mt Satopanth and Mt Vasuki Parbat with a small lake the trek is steady upward . Last one hour before the summit point is very difficult you have to climb with the help of Rope about 25 to 30 feet . Then they descended to Gangotri.

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