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Fake cop rob gold from Elderly couple at RPD corner

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A elderly couple who were on their way to buy groceries were stopped by unidentified miscreant posing as a cop from the crime department near Star Tower Khanapur Road at 1.40 PM.

The miscreant told that a murder had occurred here and hence they should remove all the gold ornaments and within no time he forcibly removed the ornaments and pretended to put the same into their bag.

But when they saw in the bag he had fled away with the gold ornaments.

In all 106 grams of gold ornaments were robbed by the miscreant which is worth Rs.4.71 lakhs.

The accused fled away on a pulsar bike.

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According to sources, this is not the first time that such an incident has been reported and as per sources 3 similar robberies have been reported.

A case has been filed and the police is invetigating the matter.

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  1. Very sad Indeed !! But what a time of the purported crime to take place??? How come these elderly people step out of their home at 1.40 pm or so in the rather stillness of a summer afternoon and that the old lady had on her person(wearing) about 106 grams gold ornaments worth about Rs.4.71 lakhs. Sounds funny though. Gives these thugs a fine chance to commit their crime……….

    • If you look from their perspective…may be no one is there to help them out to buy groceries…going out around mid afternoon to buy groceries will have less rush… wearing gold from past years is habitual in all elders.

  2. Same incident happened with my father too. It happened last year but police have failed to nab the robbery team.

    My father is also a senior citizen and the incident happened with my him near Srinagar.

    Robbers flee the spot but irrespective of so many CCTV’s, police is unable to identify them.


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