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Fake COVID lab busted in Peeranwadi

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The CEN cell of the police have busted a fake lab in Peeranwadi which was issuing fake covid profile reports.

The team led by BR Gaddekar busted this fake lab which was being run by a Husainsab Sayyed of Khanapur.

The accused who is aged 44 has been arrested and the police are investigating the matter.

Med City clinical Laboratory
Lotus Diagnostic laboratory were the names he used to print the reports on.

fake covid lab

The accused has set up this fake lab and had all the materials required for the lab and also had fake stamps which he used to stamp on the reports.


1 thought on “Fake COVID lab busted in Peeranwadi”

  1. People like this.
    At times like this.
    Fake labs. Fake vaccines. Fake meds.
    Hang em.
    And hope to God they didn’t procreate.
    And if they did their kin will suffer in life because of the sins of their parent/s. This isn’t my opinion but the way of life. This includes all the cancerous vendors, both roadside and in shops, that like a cancer feed off an already dying/exhausted body.

    Be safe . . .
    be RESPONSIBLE . . .
    FEAR AND RESPECT God . . ,
    and STAY blessed everybody


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